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Learn how to retire on dividend income alone— and keep your capital fully intact!





“A must-read for any investor looking to find safe ways to get meaningful yields with principal protection.
If you’re looking for a way to construct an income portfolio that consistently churns out 6-8%, this book is for you.”


Editor, InvestorPlace

About The Book
If you were going to retire during “normal” times, you’d be able to buy bonds and collect safe fixed income. Unfortunately, the current Fed is not our friend. Its “low rates forever” policy means we must look elsewhere for yield. 

How about dividend-paying stocks? Well, the blue chips don’t pay much more than 2% or 3%. On a $1 million portfolio, that’s less than $30,000 in annual income! Not enough. 

There’s a better way.


Income investing experts Brett Owens and Tom Jacobs will show you how to safely double, triple and even quadruple these yields. Turn the 2% that stocks pay into 6%, 7% and even 8% (for $80,000 on that million bucks) without doing anything risky. 

In this book, Brett and Tom will take you beyond Wall Street’s “blue chip BS” and create a portfolio that can actually generate meaningful income. It’s a “no withdrawal portfolio” that relies entirely on dividend income and leaves your principal 100% intact. 

As you build this perfect retirement portfolio, you’ll trade in your overrated exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for higher paying and undervalued closed-end funds (CEFs). They are a better vehicle for buying stocks and bonds and for securing higher yields. You’ll also buy under-the-radar stocks that pay big dividends, such as recession- proof REITs (real estate investment trusts). 

In the book, we’ll discuss six “perfect retirement plays” that’ll pay you up to 8% dividends:

Residential District
  • Recession-proof real estate via REITs

Residential District
  • Commercial landlord stocks with timeless tenants

Market Analysis
  • Safe, high-paying bonds

Image by Catrin Johnson
  • Secure “boring” bonds with tax breaks

infrastructure powered dividends.png
  • Infrastructure-powered dividends, and

  • Rate-proof bond funds

Bank 8% income without worrying about interest rates, the Fed, or the economy at large. Learn how to retire on dividends alone and keep your capital 100% intact.

About The Authors


Brett Owens is the Chief Investment Strategist for Contrarian Outlook, a publishing service dedicated to safe, meaningful dividends. Brett’s flagship newsletter, the Contrarian Income Report, has generated 10.6% annualized returns since inception. His subscribers have enjoyed most of these gains as cash dividends.


Tom Jacobs employs the strategy in this book as a partner with Huckleberry Capital Management, a boutique investment advisory serving clients in 25 states and three foreign countries. He is the

author and editor of numerous investment books.

Brett Owens
Tom Jacobs

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Reviews From Our Readers

Time and money well spent.

"I have been following Brett's dividend driven financial advice for the past few years through his subscription newsletter so I decided to give this a read. This book was a great primer, with a lot of specific insights interspersed, outlining his sound advice. The great thing about the methods and strategies he and Tom outline is that they are sound for any market - eliminate as much risk as possible without shooting yourself in your foot. No complaints at all about investing $10 and a few hours into this read. Well worth it. Thanks for the sane and manageable advice." - Doug A

Great book even for someone new to investing

"As a scientist I've always been more concerned with my work than investing money.The stock market seems random and insane. Turns out that it is if you don't buy dividends. This book shows how to turn savings into income and cash flow that grows every year without losing sleep like I did during my PhD. I actually know how to retire without gambling with my life's savings when the time comes." - Amazon Customer

Excellent playbook !

"This is the best investing advice about dividends in one book. I've read Brett's investing analysis for years. Excellent playbook for serious dividend investors looking for actual yields!" - Amazon Customer

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